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The Challenge

The team set out to create an experience, tone and brand that would normalize both seeking information about men’s health issues and proactively doing something about them.

We had to convey a large amount of information on an often uncomfortable and unreliable topic in a digestible, friendly, trustworthy manner.

Our Approach

Gin Lane took a empathetic, user-first approach to understanding the concerns and considerations of men at various ages facing issues with their bodies.

Using our learnings, we set out to design an experience and set a tone that would invite men to engage, learn more, and be proactive about taking care of themselves. The initial naming & branding was done by Partners & Spade, which allowed us a platform to build from.

Brand Strategy

Setting a foundation based on empathy, to talk about sensitive health issues.

Our strategy from the beginning was to be up front with our customer. We developed a conversational tone that is backed by science - allowing people to dig deep for the information if they choose.

Normalizing men's health issues is something permeates through all aspects of the Hims brand - from tone, imagery, to product UX and customer service.

It was important to communicate to customers that this is real medicine that delivers real results, and is a place customers can trust to learn about all that.

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Art Direction

Showing that men dealing with similar issues is normal and relatable.

We decided early on that Hims' content should focus on showing normal men, and how they deal with these issues.

The art direction has strived to be fun, as well as eye-catching, and honest. We implemented visual metaphors such as a cactus and plants as a personable way to describe the product benefits.

We helped the Hims team to keep the art direction consistent for a multitude of categories, with various content production partners - ensuring all outputs shared the same brand vibe and tone.